Logo Designs

logo is an unique graphic design, symbol or stabilization used to define a company, organization, product and/or brand that. It carries a significant representation from it’s vision, services and group as whole.

Grace Computer can create designs from basic to complex logo designs that can perfectly embody your needs!

Business Cards

Promotional Print Services

Printed products such as brochure, flyers, postcards, and posters are easy to distribute and market your company or business locally or worldwide. Whether you would like to promote your company and increase customer traffic or attract customers with special promotions.

They are very cost effective. Furthermore, brochures usually include details about your business that make them useful for many purposes. You can share them with potential customers, loyal clients, business contacts, and other individuals. You save time and money when you have a succinct summary of your products and services readily available in your brochure.

Whether you want to include product prices or tell the story of your business, you have plenty of space to get your entire message across. From half-gold, trifold to quadfold with a variety of paper sizes.

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Signs and banners are the best ways to create impact for customers quickly. Banners are the perfect marketing method for advertising your products and services at events, trade shows, conferences, seminars, or even on streets, campuses and more.

Banners are not for just decoration. They are highly effective marketing materials that drive attention. Banners and sign marketing is perfect for reaching potential customers in a wide variety of interests.

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Professional Stand

Standard Stand

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Print Screen/Embroidery Uniforms

Uniforms represent many other types of organizations and companies. GCI is the best place to unify the concept and design of your company/organization uniforms. We can master your distinct uniforms logos and design concepts of your company or we can create incredible designs that best brings out the company vision and unify the company as a whole.

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Screen Printing

Polo and T-Shirt Screen Printing


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Caps Embroidery


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Embroidered Uniforms


Polo and T-Shirt Embroidery
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