1. Login into www.mywebsite.com/webmail/ ( “www.mywebsite.com” referring to your website’s url address) and try to send email or receive email.
    If this works, it typically is an email client (e.g. Outlook) server problem or an incorrect setting/configuration, etc.
  2. If your webmail cannot send or receive email, please provide the following information as it will be helpful in troubleshooting your email issue.
    1. What is the exact issue you are having with your email and when does it occur? (Please do not use “Email doesn’t work”, since there are a broad number of possible email issues and it will be difficult to help you if we don’t know where to start.)
    2. Is there an error message/pop up when you send or receive email? If so, when does this occur? Please provide the exact error message or send us a screenshot of the issue.
    3. Is your website currently running? If your website is temporarily down, your email server will not work during that time. If this is the case, we may need to troubleshoot your website hosting server issues. In most cases, both will function properly if the web server has no issues.