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Grace Computer has been providing professional services for every need since 1996.

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Computer Services

Laptop/Desktop Services
Troubleshoot Computer Issues
Format a Hard Drive
Clean Virus
Add or Replace Computer Parts
Remove Windows Password*
Clean PC/Laptop
Software Services
Install and Configure Windows
Repair Windows
Configure Dual Boot/Multi Boot Windows
Install and Configure Software
Install and Configure Anti-Virus

Network Services

Grace Computer understands how important it is to you that your network is working properly, is safe, and is up-to-date. We have a commitment to maintain our customers network so they don’t have to worry about it.

We provide the following services:

  • Server Setup
  • Router Configuration
  • Set up Hubs & Switches
  • Computer Stations Connection
  • Printer Connection to Network Setup
  • Remote Setup
  • Server & Station Software Installation/Upgrade
  • Server & Station Troubleshooting
  • Setup Local File Backup and Cloud Backup

Computer Training

Grace Computer & Internet Provides Computer Training lessons for groups and individuals. Our experienced teachers provide lessons for software, hardware, Microsoft Products, and accounting software training.

Classes & course content can be customized and tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. We teach beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for each.Training classes are offered at our facility, on-site at your location or online webinars for customers out of the Houston area.

Many major companies, such as Praxair, a Fortune 500 company, have been participants of our training classes. You can be next!

We provide classes for the following software:

Microsoft Word

Make the most out of your text documents. Our Word classes will teach you formatting and layout tricks so your documents look cleaner and professional.

Learn Word with us!

Microsoft Excel

Need to organize data, order information, or calculate payrolls? Excel can help make your data sets more manageable.

Learn Excel with us!

Microsoft PowerPoint

Not sure how to create your next big presentation? Let our PowerPoint classes teach you how to create a captivating presentation for your next meeting.

Learn PowerPoint with us!

Microsoft Publisher

Have menu, flyer, or poster designs you want to come to life? Our Publisher classes will show you how you can make your own custom publishing.

Learn Publisher with us!

Microsoft Access

Have Access but don’t know how to use it? Access can be the database management system for your next project!

Learn Access with us!


Want to know more about Windows and what it can do for you? We will teach you anything you will need to know about Windows.

Learn Windows with us!

Microsoft Outlook

Do you wish your email client could do more? It probably can! Our classes will teach you how to add accounts, set email server settings, and more. Make your email clients truly your own.

Learn Outlook with us!

Intuit Quickbooks

Unsure if you are getting the most out of your accounting software? We can teach you efficient ways of managing your financials.

Learn Quickbooks with us!

Adobe InDesign

Want to make professional looking company documents? Our InDesign classes can teach you how to create personalized documents for your company.

Learn InDesign with us!

Adobe Photoshop

Passionate about Graphics Design and don’t know where to start? We provide classes on Photoshop so you can start turning your passion into skill.

Learn Photoshop with us!

Remote Services

Grace Computer & Internet Corp. provides both Remote Setup Connections and IT Remote Services to assist you wherever you are. GCI remote support services enables us to help you by connecting to whatever device you assistance with, allowing our clients the flexibility and convenience of having help available to them at all times.

Remote connection services are primarily for:

  • Computer or Software Configurations

  • Troubleshooting Device Issues

  • Remotely Backing-Up Files

  • Troubleshooting Hosting/Email/Other Online Issues

Software Translation

Grace Computer & Internet Corp. provides translation services to translate software to different languages. We can customize your software into different multilingual versions for compatibility for various cultures and languages including strings and localization.

Website Translation

Grace Computer & Internet Corp. provides translation services to translate website to different languages.

Connect to different cultures and expand your audience with a multilingual web design.

Easy to navigate language switcher with keeps all languages easily accessible with a consistent web design or you can choose to have each language with their own unique individual personality.

(Additional charges may apply based upon to specific customer requirements and customization.)

Copyright Application

Our company includes services that can help complete your registration and application for your copyright. Protect your rights for your brand, trademark or personalized work with the U.S. Copyright law that imposes both civil and criminal penalties against infringement. Our services and procedure for creating and registering your copyright is straightforward and entirely transparent.

Meeting/Training Room Rental

Grace Computer & Internet  provides meeting room rentals for events, professional meetings and any occasion. Located in our upper-deck of our corporate building, we have a spacious room with plenty of chairs, meeting equipment and projectors available for use or any type of meeting, event or occasion.

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